ZUND – Replacement Oscillating Blade Knife for EOT, EOT-250 and POT Tool.

ZUND EOT POT noż ostrze oscyacyjne wibracyjne
In our offer you will find replacements for blades and knives for Zund CNC machines / cutters made of sintered carbide. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and high precision of blades, our products are characterized by durability comparable to the original blades. The blades are ideal for other CNC machines that have a 0.63 mm, 1 mm and 1.5 mm flat knife holder. The knives are designed for the following materials:

Honeycomb, Plastic, Poliethylene foam, Polipropylen, Aramid fibers, Carbon fibers, Corrugated cardboard, Felt, Foam board, Leather, Polyester fabric

Knives compatible with Zund cutters:

  • PN series
  • G3 series
  • L3 series
  • S3 series
  • D3 series

Blades available:

If you are not sure which blade replacement to choose, please contact us: TORO Technology e-mail: sklep@toro-tec.pl phone: +48 603 965 003