Software for price / material calculation.

Software for calculating material consumption, costing of production and creating technical documentation for footwear production. Based on one of the two available calculation methods, the software calculates the material consumption in the production of a shoe. Using the material base along with their prices created by the customer , the price of the material used is calculated. This price added to the cost of sewing and assembly, it gives the price of producing the shoe. Thanks to the optional plugin, it is possible to import patterns from most CAD software for the footwear .

Software for a price calculation of the production of car upholstery. Based on one of the two built-in calculation methods, the system calculates the consumption of materials needed for production and costs used materials. Materials costs, combined with labor costs, allows to calculate the cost of upholstery set. Thanks to the material database with their prices, it is possible to react quickly to changes in material prices and changing customer needs. With the import option, it is possible to load patterns created in various CAD programs.

Price / material calculation

Software for price calculation of furniture

Software that calculates material consumption in furniture production. Based on the material consumption, software calculates their cost, and by adding labor costs, quickly calculate the price of producing a single piece of furniture. In addition, it is possible to generate technical documentation for production. The automated price calculation process saves time and accurately determines production costs. An additional import option gives you the option of loading data from many CAD software.