ZUND – Drag Blade Knife Replacement for UCT Tool.

Zund UCT ostrze wleczone
Our blade and knife replacements ideally suited to the UCT cutting tool with 1.5mm shank. The blades of this thickness, made of tungsten carbide, are durable. Cutting elements with a trailing blade allows you to use the cutter’s maximum cutting speed while maintaining the highest precision of the cut details. Perfect for cutting thick and hard materials:

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Knives compatible with Zund cutters:

  • PN series
  • G3 series
  • L3 series
  • S3 series
  • D3 series

Blades available:

If you are not sure which blade replacement to choose, please contact us: TORO Technology e-mail: sklep@toro-tec.pl phone: +48 603 965 003