V-cut blades for angled cutting of foam and corrugated cardboard

Blade Esko Kongsberg BLD-DF570, knife V-cut, G42455279
In our offer you will find V-cut blades for cutting materials such as: various types of foam, cardboard, materials with a foam core or corrugated / honeycomb structure. The highest quality of materials used for the production of the blades ensures cutting precision and repeatability of the cut elements. There is a possibility of applying a hardening coating TIN, DLC etc. increasing the knife’s strength and reducing the knife resistance when cutting, eg foam. Our blades fit the following cutters:

Esko, Iecho, Humantec, Multicam, Multicam, Seron, Zund.

At the customer’s request, we are able to make virtually any V-cut knife.

If you are not sure which blade replacement to choose, please contact us: TORO Technology e-mail: sklep@toro-tec.pl phone: +48 603 965 003