Double-side flat blade 1,5 mm. Knife for cutting.

Blade Summa 500-9802, 500-0802
The blades are compatible with:

Summa 500-9802, 500-9803

Esko BLD-DF113 G42443036, BLD-DF112 G42444299,

Multicam 94-02466-910.301-S, 94-02466-910.309-S,

Zünd Z10 in 25mm, Z11 in 25 mm,

Axyz BT1051L-7

The blades are compatible with:

• Precise cutting of details Cutting on both sides of the knife • Minimal knife wear • Perfect for cutting stiff materials.

Our products are ideal for cutting:

• Paper

• Carton of 300-500 g

• Self-adhesive foil

• Self-adhesive PVC

• PVC banners

• Reflective sheets

• Foamed PVC plates

• Polypropylene

• Polycarbonate

• Magnetic material.

If you are not sure which blade replacement to choose, please contact us:

TORO Technology
tel.: +48 603 965 003