Rotary knife for cut textile fabrics

Ostrze nóż obrotowy rotacyjny dziesięciokątny
Rotary fabric cutting blades for CNC machines (cutter / cutting plotter) with a motorized rotary tool. In our offer you will find rotary blades for cutting fabrics and nonwovens made of sintered carbide with increased hardness, which ensures long life and high cutting precision. Decagon type ten-sided blades are designed to cut the elements as quickly as possible while maintaining the desired shape of the cut details. The knife is ideal for cutting materials such as: felt, nylon fabric, fabrics, polyester fabrics, aramid fibers, glass fibers, carbon fibers, non-woven fabrics.

Zund: Z50 ( 3910335 ), Z51 (3910336 ), Z52 (391033), Bullmer Premiumcut: B50, B51, B52, iEcho: E50, E51, E52, Kuris: 84559, Atom: 01060465, Esko Kongsberg BLD-RC110 ( G42444844, 42444844 ), Summa: 500-9860, 500-9861, 500-9862, Colex: T00360, Artisto, Raptor, Gerber MCT, Lectra MFC oraz Blackman&White.

Rotary blade

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