Non-slip milling underlay Sealgrip Frez-2 tricness 2 mm

Sealgrip routing Milling underlay typ FREZ-2 Protection carpets
Sealgrip 2 mm milling underlay. The special foam, non-slip Sealgrip milling pad provides a “sticky” effect in combination with the suction system of a table cutter / plotter with a milling head or a CNC milling machine, perfectly holds even the smallest items during milling.

Sealgrip 2 mm milling underlay. Specially developed protective underlay – Sealgrip milling foam. Prevents damage to the main cutter mat. The material allows high-intensity air flow, guaranteeing high

The material is available in 2 widths:

  • Dark gray – 100 cm
  • Light gray – 150 cm

Roll length: 60m ± 2m


  • Extends the life of the routing bits
  • Protects the conveyor belt/main pads from damage
  • Good adhesion even of small elements
  • no dust
  • high temperature resistance

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