CNC bi-directional oscillating blades

AXYZ-B2031L-65 tło
CNC bi-directional oscillating blades. Tungsten carbide blades are the perfect choice for any professional looking to increase the productivity and accuracy of their work. They allow cutting materials with a maximum depth of 160 mm. The blades operate simultaneously at high speed, which allows them to cut through the material quickly while maintaining accuracy throughout the cutting process. The unique design of these blades ensures that every cut is made with precision, without having to manually adjust the angles during operation, which significantly reduces production time. The knives are primarily designed for use on lightweight materials such as foam, cardboard, Styrofoam or foam rubber. With these blades, you can easily create intricate shapes and designs that go beyond long straight lines or wide arcs. If you’re looking for a reliable tool that can handle all your delicate needs, our double-sided oscillating blades are definitely worth considering.

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