Blade round shank fi 6mm

Ostrza okrągły trzpień fi 6mm
Our blades with a fi 6 mm round shank provide excellent performance, strength and durability thanks to the use of carbide sintered materials, while ensuring a smooth cut on all types of surfaces without any damage to the material. Thanks to a wide range of blade shapes and lengths, we are able to choose a blade suitable for the material being cut. The result is a perfect line of material cutting! Thanks to the use of a standard Weldon type holder, our blades fit all machines with such a holder.

Blade round shank fi 6mm serie 1031L – one side – flat pick

Blade round shank fi 6mm serie 1041L – one side – round pick

Blade round shank fi 6mm serie 1051L

Blade round shank fi 6mm serie 2031L – double direction

Blade round shank 6mm serie TT

Thanks to the wide range of shapes and lengths of knives available on the TORO Technology website, everyone will find an oscillating blade that meets their needs. If you do not know which blade to choose or you are just starting your adventure with cutting with an oscillating tool, we will be happy to share our almost 25 years of experience.

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