Zund Z42 Long Life knife, TW-A3 pads and TORO punches = efficient work of the Zund LC 2400 Optima.

Knife Blade Pads Mats Zund LC 2400
The perfect combination of tools to streamline production, especially in the footwear industry. In addition, the use of components such as the Z42 Long Life blade with high strength or the TW-A3 pads gives you the opportunity to reduce expenses, and thus also save. Check out our offer today!

Use the Zund Z42 Long Life high-strength blade for cutting footwear leather, but also polyester fabrics, aramid and carbon fibers.

Zund TW-A3 backing is a specially developed material with high permeability, resistance to cutting and saving the blade. In addition, thanks to its high density, it is ideal for punching.

Also use our TORO for Zund Long Life punches, characterized by high hardness, abrasion resistance and durability even when working in hard leathers.

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