Vibrating knives for CNC machines – Elitron

System CNC Elitron

Vibrating knives for CNC machines – Elitron made of sintered carbide. Proper selection and matching of the tool in the form of a blade is a key issue for efficient and repeatable cutting of elements from materials. High-quality raw materials from which our blades are made and rigorous production standards guarantee excellent quality. At the same time, in terms of price, they are competitive compared to other substitutes available on the market. It is worth emphasizing that Elitron vibrating blades are perfect for cutting materials such as: Tarpaulin, Magnetic foil, Reflective vinyl, Self-adhesive vinyl, Cardboard, Sealing materials, Paper, Foam, PVC, Polyester fabrics, Felt, Rubber, Paper, Leather, Corrugated cardboard, Fabrics, Polyester fabrics, Glass fibers, Carbon fibers. We invite you to visit our online store, where you will find an offer of knife replacements for the Elitron system and many others.

If you need a knife with a specific shape or a special coating, CALL US! We can produce a dedicated blade for you based on the provided diagram or pattern.

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