Non-woven felt tape for CNC table plotters.

Pas taśma transmisyjna conveyor cutter ploterZund

Felt coveyor tape.

High-quality felt conveyor belts for cutters, plotters and CNC machines. Specially developed material that allows high air flow, guarantees high grip and optimal cut resistance. Built-in reinforcement mesh prevents the material from stretching and extends the life of the belt. Especially recommended for intensive production. We make tapes to order in accordance with the dimensions given by the customer, even 4 meters wide and more joined by the center.

Our belts are used in the following machines: Zund, Esko Kongsberg, Bullmer, Kuris, Gerber, Atom, Aristo, Cutting Trading, Raptor Blackman & White, Comagrav, Dyss, Lasercomb, Multicam, Protek, InfoTec, AXYZ, Colex, CombiPro, Eastman, Elitron, Filiz, Humantec, Iecho, Jingwei, Summa, Valiani, Weni, Wild, Gunnar etc.

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