CNC bi-directional oscillating blade for cutting foam.

TT-D6-60 Two-way oscillating knife Double-sided blade CNC weldon dimensions diagram technical drawing of the blade knife
We have added a new Toro Technology TT-D6-60 bidirectional oscillating blade to our offer, designed for cutting foams up to 60 mm high. The knife, thanks to the double-sided Weldon fi 6 mm handle, is ideal for mounting in any oscillating head installed in a cutter, milling machine or cnc machine.

Additional cutting planes on the top of the blade perfectly cut the lower part of the foam without leaving the perforation effect typical for pointed blades. It also does not have to work deep in protective felt or MDF, which extends its life.

The double-sided construction of the blade significantly reduces the cutting resistance, and the blade is still very durable and resistant to overload.

In machines with one direction of cutting (e.g. clockwise), after one side of the blade is worn out, we can use the other.

Even on machines that do not have software for changing the cutting direction (clockwise/counter-clockwise) thanks to the use of a double-sided weldon handle.

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