New rotary blades

Nowe ostrza rotacyjne właśnie pojawiły się w naszym sklepie. Dostępnych w trzech różnych rozmiarach. Te nowoczesne ostrza są wyposażone w standardowy otwór montażowy o średnicy 8 mm, co sprawia, że pasują do większości dostępnych cutterów.

New rotary blades have just appeared in our store. Available in three different sizes. These modern blades are equipped with a standard mounting hole with a diameter of 8 mm, which makes them fit most available cutters.

These blades are an excellent choice for cutting a wide range of materials, such as felt, nylon fabric, fabrics, polyester fabrics, aramid fibers, glass fibers, carbon fibers and non-woven fabrics. Thanks to their precision and durability, they enable efficient and accurate cutting, which is crucial in many industries, from the textile industry to the production of composites.

These blades are distinguished not only by high quality of workmanship, but also by long service life, which ensures efficiency and economy of work. Thanks to the new rotary blades, cutting even the most difficult materials becomes easier and more effective.

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