Markers for marking leather

Markers 4mm, multi color for marking defects on the leather - 2mm
Markers for marking leather, thanks to which you will be able to mark critical places, such as defects that the machine operator must avoid or other useful information. The markers are available in many colors and in two different thicknesses (4 mm and 2 mm), so you will not only choose a color that is clearly visible on the skin you are currently working with, but you will also be able to adapt the markers to your personal markings in your company and to your style. work. These markers will be the best friends of designers, as well as managers who value well-directed and organized work. The markers leave a clear mark, but there is no problem in removing the markings after the process, even by rubbing them with your finger, thanks to the use of special latex. It is worth noting, however, that when using the pen for the first time, you must press the pen quite hard and hold it so that the marking component can penetrate the protective film and soak in the paint inside the Marker.

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