Cutting underlays

Cutting underlay conveyor belt

We would like to offer you:

  • underlay type TY-L3
  • underlay type SU-P3
  • underlay type TY-L4
  • underlay type TW-A4
  • underlay type BO-M3
  • underlay type NO-4

All of our underlays have high adhesion and optimal cut resistance. The material specially developed for allowing the passage of an elevated flow of air.

They are made of fibers impregnated with special latex. They work well while cutting various types of materials. It reaches very good results when working in systems of cut with aspiration to empty.

What are the advantages of using our cutting underlays?

  • double duration of the blades,
  • perfect and clean cut up to the end, a lot of grip,
  • doesn’t send forth dust.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer:

If you need a different size cutting underlay? Contact us and we will adjust our offer to Your needs.