Comelz Conveyor Belts Blade and punchers

Cutter Comelz
Comelz conveyor belts, punches and blades. Our replacements are of high quality, durability and longevity. All components (spare parts) do not differ from the original parameters.

Our Conveyor belts are made in such a way that they hold the material (leather hides), pass the right amount of air while maintaining the right pressure in the suction plate of the Comelz machine. Thanks to the special arrangement of fibers in the belt and the density of the belt material itself, the blade life is up to 10% longer. We offer longer-life mats equipped with a reinforcing mesh that can be located at the bottom of the belt. This combination delays the bulging of the non-material towards the end of its service life.

The highest quality replacements of blades and knives for Comelz machines, made of the best type of sintered carbide, which ensures their long operation and precision of cutting elements. In our store you will find a wide range of blades designed for cutting various materials:

Replacement punches for perforating material for Comelz plotters:

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