ostrza noże maszyny CNC cuttery plotery tnące frezarki z naszedziem tnącym

Do you need a carbide blade with a specific shape or a special coating? We will produce them for you based on the submitted scheme or pattern.

Choosing the right blade is a key issue for precise, efficient and repeatable cutting of elements from materials. Our knives are made of sintered carbide, which allows us to obtain a blade edge of a very high quality. They are perfect for cutting materials such as: ABS board, Acrylic, Aluminium composite, Aramid fibers, Artificial leather, Asbestos-free plates, Canvas, Canvas, Carbon fibers, Cardboard, Chevron board, Cork, Corrugated cardboard, Corrugated plastic, Covering, Expanded polystyrene, Felt, Fiber board, Flexo clicheés, Foam board, Foamed PVC, Foil, Folding Carton, Footwear materials, Gasket materials, Glass fibers, Hard foam, Hard plastic, Hardfoam, Honeycomb, Insulating mat, Leather, Magnetic foil, Masking film, MDF board, Non-woven fabric, Nylon fabric, Packaging materials, Paper, Passepartout, Plastic, Poliethylene foam, Polipropylen, Polycarbonate, Polycarbonate, Polyester fabric, Polyethylene, PU, PU sponge, PVC, Reflective foil, Reflective vinyl film, Resins, Rubber, Self-adhesive foil, Self-adhesive vinyl film, Sole material, Synthetic materials, Tarpaulin, Texon, Textiles, Vinyls, Wood.

You can modify the blade or design the blade for the following machine manufacturers: Zund, Esko, Atom. Aristo, Summa, AXYZ, Blackman & White, Bullmer, Colex, Comelz, Dyss, EcoCam, Elitron, Filiz, Iecho, Teseo, Kimla, Kuris, Lectra MFC, LaserComb, Gerber, Cutting Trading, Raptor, Multicam and other cnc machines – cutters and milling machines with a cutting tool.

Use our contact form and order a blade tailored to your needs.

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