Blade for oscillating knife

ostrza oscylacyjne średnica fi 6 mm

Oscillating knives for cutters: Aristo, Atom, AXYZ, Blackman & White, Bullmer, Colex, Comelz, Dyss, ECOCAM, Elitron, Esko Kongsberg, Filiz, Iecho, Kimla, Kuris, Lasercomb, Lectra MFC, Mécanuméric, Multicam, Summa, Zund . Made of sintered carbide, which allows you to get the edge of the blade with very high quality.

Choosing the right blade is a key issue for precise, efficient and repeatable cutting of elements from materials such as: Aluminium composite, Aramid fibers, Artificial leather, Asbestos-free plates, Canvas, Canvas, Carbon fibers, Cardboard, Cork, Corrugated cardboard, Corrugated plastic, Covering, Expanded polystyrene, Felt, Fiber board, Foam board, Foil, Folding Carton, Footwear materials, Gasket materials, Glass fibers, Hard foam, Hard plastic, Hardfoam, Honeycomb, Insulating mat, Leather, Magnetic foil, Masking film, Non-woven fabric, Nylon fabric, Packaging materials, Paper, Passepartout, Plastic, Poliethylene foam, Polipropylen, Polycarbonate, Polycarbonate, Polyester fabric, Polyethylene, PVC, Reflective foil, Reflective vinyl film, Rubber, Self-adhesive foil, Self-adhesive vinyl film, Sole material, Synthetic materials, Tarpaulin, Texon, Textiles, Vinyls, Wood

To choose the right blade you should consider:

  • The type of material to be cut
  • Material thickness
  • Type of tool: oscillating electric, ultrasonic or oscillating pneumatic
  • Type of knife holder / shank (thread, round or flat).

If you need help choosing the best blade for your machine and material, please contact:


Phone: +48 603 254 003

Oscillating knives with a shank diameter Ø (fi) 6 for Aristo, AXYZ, ECOCAM, Esko, LaserComb, Multicam, Summa table plotters.

Oscillating blades diameter 6 mm
Oscillating blades diameter 6 mm

Oscillating knives with 0.63 mm and 1 mm handle for Zund cutters with oscillating tools EOT, EOT-250 and POT.

Oscillation Knife Blade ZUND
Oscillation Knife Blade ZUND

Oscillating knives with 0.63mm, 1mm and 1.5mm shank for Atom and Kimla CNC machines.

Oscillation Knife Blade Atom
Oscillation Knife Blade Atom Kimla

Oscillating knives with 0.63 mm and 1 mm chuck for Comelz CNC machines.

Oscillation Knife Blade Comelz
Oscillation Knife Blade Comelz